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Teters?  Jacklines? Life Vests?

There has been a lot of discussion recently on various blogs and magazine articles on the topic of whether or not to use Teters and Jacklines to stay aboard one's vessel.  While one is always admonished to focus on staying on board as oppose to recovery, it is not too clear what it takes to do that and what the fundamental issues are.
A super article and useful comments are found here.  I shall not try to summarize as there are just too many aspects that may be unique and need to be considered, but it is safe to say that most of us have not though the matter through sufficiently nor have we done the math to understand what the limitations of our equipment.  Please read what they have to say and decide for yourself.
If you would like to see why high strenght materials like Dyneema and Spectra should not be chosen over nylon for jackline and teters; then see this movie.  You will also see how destructive it is to have knots in slings and lines too.  This video is technical, but certainly not boring.